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No matter what type of flight physical you need, the most important decision you face is your choice of an AME. Word of mouth often provides a good initial source of information for flight physicals. You should ask friends, associates, and your chief pilot if they could recommend an aviation medical examiner based on personal experience.

We are located minutes

away from CVG!

  • Air Traffic Controllers physicals

  • Physical exams for student pilots

  • Consultation for pilots with medical deferments who wish to regain


  • Consultation advice on special issues such as flying with heart conditions, diabetes, cancer and alcohol related matters

  • Direct access to pilot friendly specialists in areas related to aviation medicine such as: cardiology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, psychiatry and substance abuse

  • Medical certificate renewals to specialized treatment for aviation-related illnesses

  • Authorization of medical certifications, Classes I, II and III.

Pilot and controller medical care:

Don't let major medical issues ruin your career. When you work with Aviation Medicine Center, you will receive the best care and attention you deserve. Dr. Villegas picks up where most AMEs will leave off. He was a flight surgeon in the navy for over 21 years and takes on the difficult cases. He can be the pilot’s advocate and can also provide court testimony if needed. Get your flight physical performed by a fully FAA authorized facility and a facility that caters only to pilots and controllers. Schedule your flight physical or flight physical follow up TODAY!

Dedication to getting you back in the sky

  • Check the aviation medical examiner's qualifications!

  • Is he / she a senior aviation medicine examiner?

  • Does he / she do just a few physicals a year or is he / she in the upper percentile of AME's across the country?

  • Does the AME limit his / her practice to just aviation medicine or is doing flight physicals just something he / she does on the side?

  • How long has the AME been performing flight physicals?

  • Is the AME a flight surgeon?

  • How many difficult cases has the AME dealt with before?

  • How successful is the AME is getting grounded pilots back into the cockpit?

  • Is the AME's office convenient?

Key points to consider when choosing your AME:

Finding the right Aviation Medical Examiner for you