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The Aviation Medicine Center was first opened in September 2000 for the sole purpose of dealing with the unique needs of the aviation population surrounding Edgewood, KY.

The Aviation Medicine Center is the only one of its kind in Northern Kentucky. The mission of the Aviation Medicine Center is to become your advocate to the Federal Aviation Administration.


We provide reliable, responsible medical care for those pilots and air traffic controllers with aviation related problems. We strive to make your next flight physical as pleasant and less bothersome as possible. Our goal is for you to be as fully informed as possible and to receive the best care that we can give you.

    Dr. Villegas classes at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola Florida which included the following:


  • Nine weeks are spent in the classrooms and clinics on the campus of the Naval Aerospace Medicine Institute. Clinical aeromedical topics in internal medicine, neurology, psychiatry, otorhinolaryngology, and ophthalmology were attended in an effort to provide the flight surgeon with the understanding of how the aviation environment can affect the physiologic and pathophysiologic processes of the human body.

  • A six-week flight orientation course and ground school at the Naval Aviation Schools Command. Basic ground school topics include aerodynamics, engines and systems, navigation, and weather. Also included was basic water survival and aviation physiology training.

  • This six-week phase of instruction for all flight surgeons was identical to the classes taken by Navy and Marine Corps aviators.

  • The next phase of instruction included a ten-week flight indoctrination syllabus with Training Air Wing Five at Naval Air Station Whiting Field.

  • Training was conducted in the fixed-wing Beechcraft T-34C (Turbo Mentor).

  • This ten-week phase of instruction was taken side by side with other Navy and Marine Corps aviator students.

  • This was followed by a 2 1/2 year tour with the fleet working and flying side by side with Naval aviators.

Aviation experience at NAS:

When you choose an Aviation Medical Examiner you choose the staff as well. Here at Aviation Medicine Center we have assembled a hand-picked staff of caring and dedicated professionals. Together we work as a team toward the common goal of making your experience with us relaxing, educational and fulfilling. We strive to exceed your expectation. The entire staff of The Aviation Medicine Center is among the most competent and caring individuals available in the area.


Dr. Villegas has been performing flight physicals since 1983. He received his training in Internal Medicine at Kettering Medical Center, Kettering, Ohio. He graduated from the Naval Aerospace Medicine Institute in Pensacola Florida as a United States Naval Flight Surgeon. He retired as a Captain in the Naval Reserves.

AMC staff and Dr. Villegas

  • Care, compassion and support for the aviation industry in our area

  • A focus on health enhancement

  • A level of service that exceeds expectations

  • To provide the highest quality flight physicals to our patients in a pleasant

         and caring environment

Core values AMC lives by:

About AMC's values and visions

AMC was created with you in mind

Aviation Medicine is a specialty of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders associated with flying. This includes those areas that focus on the physical and psychological conditions associated with air travel. It is also concerned with the maintenance of health, safety, and performance of those involved in aviation activity such as flight.


A flight surgeon / AME is uniquely trained to evaluate, diagnose and manage all conditions that affect a pilot's ability to perform his or

her flight duties. The specialty of flight surgery requires additional years of training and experience above and beyond medical school.

If you live in the surrounding Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area and are looking for a FAA certified senior aviation medical examiner who can offer you professional medical care in a pleasant, comfortable environment. Look no further! Right here, at your fingertips, is your next flight physical. We offer an environment uniquely qualified to provide a comfortable, yet professional atmosphere while you receive the highest quality medical care. Every member of our medical team has been chosen for their caring attitudes as well as their professional credentials.

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